The Bottle

Photo : Ancient hellenic vase, on the front of which is depicted an angel, painted in gold, on a black background! Gold colour and black colour ! An expression of contrast, as one of the most wonderful techniques of ancient hellenic angiography of 6 th. and 5th. BC and “Immortalitas” too !

The art of  “Immortalitas”

  The bottle “Immortalitas” is offered to the global market with the dynamic identity of the prime characteristics of the consoling, revealing and palliative art.

  A palliative art, which falls under the chromatic rules and techniques of the ancient hellenic red-figure vase painting of 6 th. and 5th. BC .

  Red-figure vase painting is one of the most important styles of figural Greek vase painting. It developed in Athens around 520 BC and remained in use until the late 3rd century BC. It replaced the previously dominant style of black-figure vase painting within a few decades. Its modern name is based on the figural depictions in red colour on a black background, in contrast to the preceding black-figure style with black figures on a red background.

  By tasting the olive oil “Immortalitas”, automatically, a two – pronged possibility is provided to the people, who on the one hand can taste an ambrosial feast, and, on the other hand, can hold on to a unique and collective bottle !

The engraved and artistic design of the bottle of  “Immortalitas”!

  For this purpose, a much esteemed team has been formed by some of the most talented professionals for the creation of the olive oil “Immortalitas”, each of whom, has contributed with his persistence, patience, passion, but above all, his vision.

  Our noble product, has been drawn by the world renowned street art painter Fikos, who is classified amongst the 50 most influential street artists today worldwide according to a last publication.

  Fikos himself, having in his mind the excavations of the ancient Greek vessels and amphoras declares in an interview of his, that, the bottle’s depiction, into the bargain, has been drawn with the intention of giving to the bottle the sense that it has just been discovered and surfaced from an archaeological excavation ” !

Photo : The bottle “Immortalitas” is emerged like an archaeological excavation !

The depiction of ancient hellenic art and technique of 6 th. and 5th. BC on to the bottle “Immortalitas” !