The prizes , if they are seen arrogantly or selfishly, that is, if they are seen as a cause for comparisons , egotistical manifestations and several other self- centered fireworks, whose brightness does not last more than a few seconds, then, these prizes lose their value and become absolutely useless and meaningless. However, the prizes become important and meaningful, if they are seen under the light and thought that a prize never – or almost never- comes if there hasn’t been great effort, great pain, loads of work, tons of desire and lots of love!

  Under this spectrum, all the team of “ Ι m m o r t a l i t a s ” feels great gratefulness and respect to all those dear people, who gave us the great happiness to honor us with their prizes. These awards are spreading their shine equally to all the interconnected aspects of our enterprise, which are not other than the fine arts of painting, music, orchestration, graphic design, directing, editing, photography, computer science, and, finally, the production of olive oil.

  Our responsibility is even greater, if someone takes into consideration , that, the specific prizes come from the most important and trustworthy competitions of olive oil globally, in which competitions, the judges that participate are among the most important taste connoisseurs and designers, who prevail in their field on a world-wide scale.

  The bottle “ Ι m m o r t a l i t a s ” was awarded prestigious prizes both on taste and quality level, as well as on designing level; it operated as a feedback and as a stimulation, on the one hand for greater effort, and on the other hand, for more distinctions in the future !

Thank you very much and we promise never to disappoint you, in the least !